My Ethos

Play April Movie Online is deeply committed to the health and safety of everyone who participates in any of our productions.

I value creativity and encourage exploration of authentic Femdom / Mistress – slave lifestyle fantasies in the content we produce.

All behavior of all participants in these BDSM movies is just an artistic depiction performed by enthusiasts in the BDSM community. The scenes are a fictional representation and any kind of resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

We make editorial choices about the subject matter of scenes we are presented.

All participants are treated respectfully and professionally at all times. 

Age verification

Every person participating in one of my movies must have a valid ID proving that they are 18 years of age or older and we comply with all applicable record-keeping laws regarding age verification.


Sexually explicit conduct cannot take place where prohibited by law or where minors or people who have not consented to witness it might see it. We always make sure to guarantee that this will not happen when researching filming locations.

Full disclosure for performers

Prior to filming of any scenes, performers are supplied with an accurate and detailed description of what will be expected of them on every shoot, including:

Whether a scene involves a sensitive theme
Note: “sensitive themes” are defined below and include family roleplay, weapons and non-consent scenarios

What sex acts the scene calls for
ex: anal penetration (receiving), oral sex (performing), etc.

What BDSM acts the scene calls for, including the possibility of receiving marks on their skin
ex: whipping, caning, medical, flogging, humiliation, etc.

Any medical conditions that, if possessed, may put them or others at risk of injury or bodily harm
ex: performers being booked for a scene involving electrical play must confirm that they are free of heart issues

Health and Safety

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all my participants is the most important responsibility for me. As such, participants are expected to adhere to the following policies:

Participants must follow industry standards regarding the use of sexually transmitted infection testing and/or risk reduction measures such as condoms/barrier devices.

Every participant during scene filming has the right to stop a shoot at any time if they have concerns about safety. The scene must stop immediately, and should not continue until the well-being of the participant is established and they have consented to continue.
Note: If a person is questioning themselves about whether to stop a scene, that is a good indication that they should stop a scene.

No one may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on set – this includes prescription drugs not prescribed to the person taking them.


Participants are to specify what acts they do and do not consent to (“limits”) for every scene.

Limits are to be explicitly noted and are required for every scene and must be respected. It is prohibited to try to convince a performer to change their limits before or during a scene.

Safe Words

  • Participants must explicitly choose a safe word (ex: “RED”) and slow-down word (ex: “yellow” or “mercy”) before every shoot.
  • If the shoot involves a gag or other device that would limit a participants’s ability to speak, non-verbal signals must be specified as well
    ex: looking directly at the camera, foot stomping, dropping an item held in the hand.
  • It is prohibited to taunt or dare a participant regarding the safe or slow-down words. This includes threatening consequences if the safe word is used.
  • If a participant uses the safe word:
    • Action must stop immediately, but cameras must remain rolling.
    • If the participant is bound, ask if they need to be released.
    • The scene may continue at a less intense pace ONLY if the participant explicitly consents.
  • If a participant uses the slow-down word, the other performer(s) may stay in character and evaluate what changes need to be made to continue safely.

Prohibited Acts

Suppliers may not engage in the following behaviors and activities due to the likelihood of causing harm or death:

Hitting any person with a closed fist in the head, neck, or face.

Causing any person to intentionally lose consciousness.

Tying or securing any implement around a participant’s neck in such a way that the implement could inhibit breathing if the participant were to fall or faint.
Note: There must be a visible second tie that will support the person’s weight.

Electrical current should not be used on the head, eyes, front of the neck, broken skin, or spinal column. Powered appliances cannot be used in a scene that also includes water.

Bondage that causes a visible loss of circulation is not permitted. Darkening and/or reddening of the skin is normal, but blue skin is a visible loss of circulation which indicates that the performer must be released immediately.

Producer responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Producer to:

  • Ensure that this Code of Conduct is adhered to.
  • Ensure the safety of every person on set.
  • Inform the members of their responsibility to report breaches of this Code of Conduct.
  • Inform the members of their obligation to stop any situation that puts a performer in danger.
  • Recognize that breaches of this Code of Conduct are a violation of the content purchase agreement and will result in content being rejected for publishing and payment.

Reporting Concerns

Concerns may be reported to Mistress April: